All About Eloping

opements are currently in the spotlight as a result of pandemic restrictions, but they are not an uncommon practice. Personally, they have been one of my most popular services. I’m sure you’ve heard about people getting married in Vegas or typing the knot in a courtroom on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s true, a big fancy wedding is not the only way to get married; and choosing to elope is no longer off-limits. If anything, pandemic restrictions have merely pushed elopements into the mainstream and reduced the taboo.


Technically, eloping refers to the act of ‘running away’ to get married without telling family and friends. However, most times, couples opt for elopement and still inform their closest loved ones, with some even inviting parents, siblings or best friends.

On the other hand, some elope because their parents or families are not supportive of the relationship, leaving no value in popular wedding traditions that are typically a symbol of family unity. Another possible reason is practicality or financial concerns. Hosting 100 guests for a fabulous evening with dinner, drinks and entertainment can cost thousands and thousands. Not everyone is willing and able to pay for a big celebration and cope with life’s other expenses comfortably.

Finally, from the perspective of eloping to Barbados, our elopement packages have been hugely popular amongst international couples affected by immigration VISA requirements or those who love the possibility of no fuss nuptials with their toes in the sand. Weddings are mostly sold as a day to be the star of the show, but whether or not to elope or have a huge wedding, you are still married to the one you love <3

Here are some reasons why eloping is awesome!

  1. Quick and easy planning

  2. No pressure to be center of attention in a huge crowd if you are introverted or shy

  3. You can have more budget towards your honeymoon or new home together

  4. You can get married practically anywhere- you only need enough space and accessibility concerns for a handful of people.

  5. You can live stream the ceremony to those you wish could have been in attendance, where they can watch from the comfort of their home

  6. Not having the expenses of a reception allows more budget for more elaborate décor, beautiful gown and higher end photography- the photos and video are the only things that you have after the day is over.

  7. The current health crisis will make your loved ones more amenable to ‘missing out’ on an invite to your ceremony.

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