You need a wedding website- Now more than ever!

When it comes to the current situation and how complex rescheduling a wedding can actually be, the potential of a wedding website for making things easier is huge. Here’s why you need one for your wedding!

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All the important details are in one location

When you create a wedding website, you only have to reach out to individual guests initially (via your invitation or an email) to introduce them to your site. With so much uncertainty regarding cancellations and postponements, this means of communicating with your guests as a collective can be a Godsend. It’s hard enough making decisions to postpone without the additional task of reaching out to your guests individually. It may seem impersonal, but I’m sure loved ones would empathize with your situation and understand that it is difficult to have (maybe 100+) phone calls about cancelling or postponing your big day, due to the pandemic. This method ensures that each guest has comprehensive information on the changes while buying you more time to deal with the emotional fallout.

Built-in RSVP features

Many wedding websites have built-in RSVP management which can do the heavy lifting in one of the more tedious tasks of wedding planning. If you had already sent invitations and must cancel or postpone, you can send a digital update of the new date/ cancellation to save on new printed invitations or announcements.

The RSVP feature will also serve to automatically update your guest count- useful for keeping track of your catering and rentals orders.



MORE IS BETTER when it comes to information

Wedding invitations are a special form of communication, and while etiquette has shifted over the decades, it is neither possible nor desirable to fill your invitation with too many additional details.

Supplying your guests with some of the details not found on an invitation but which they would need to know can be easy with a wedding website. This is particularly helpful for destination weddings as you can add sections about the destination and planned group activities, for example.

Considering the number of updates that may be required if you reschedule your wedding, this is the perfect method to communicate with your guests.

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